Intelsat Onward:
Our Financial Restructuring
Paving the Way for a Stronger Tomorrow

Intelsat’s financial restructuring achieved its final court milestone with the December 16, 2021 approval of its plan of reorganization.

The confirmed plan will reduce Intelsat’s debt by more than half – from approximately $16 billion to $7 billion – and position the company for long-term success as it innovates and brings new services to market. 

Intelsat is poised to emerge from the process in early 2022 as a private company with the support of new equity owners, access to nearly $8 billion in capital, and a significantly deleveraged balance sheet.

Maintaining our momentum

Intelsat is moving the business forward – without interruption – and it will remain focused on successfully serving its customers, across all of its world-class capabilities, with the same level of excellence they expect from Intelsat. Work with its valued business partners will continue, full steam ahead.

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